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Tom Jackson Public Relations is a full service PR consulting firm specializing in strategic business communication services to help build your brand and stand out from your competition.

As an accredited public relations professional (APR), Tom brings decades of experience to help you connect and communicate with your audience. Whether you need a team player who can help you meet the day-to-day demands of PR and marketing communications, or you need a strategic plan and execution to turn your business goals into reality, Tom brings expertise to help you achieve your desired results.

Tom Jackson Public Relations, a Chicago area PR agency, offers clients the same counsel provided by global public relations firms with the cost-effectiveness of an independent practice.

Tom Jackson Public Relations

PR Strategy

A well orchestrated public relations plan supports your business goals and includes research, planning, implementation and measurement.

Marketing Communications

Let’s architect a smart, tailored campaign that builds your brand, delivers measured results, and targets your audience—moving them to action.

Video Marketing

Online video is a game changer in communication. Leverage the power of video to highlight your services, showcase your business and tell your story.

Social Media

Chances are you’ve tried social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … engaging  in meaningful conversation is critical to your marketing. Customers are expecting to engage with you, and we can help.

Media Relations

Media mentions are at the heart of a strong PR program. Let’s build your brand and raise awareness through creative, thought-provoking storyline development, news pitching and media training.

Website & Content Management

A powerful and compelling web site remains the core of most integrated digital campaigns. From website design or redesign, let’s shape your online presence to one that effectively communicates your business and brand.

Start today. Let’s build your brand through strategic communication.

Stand out. Connect with your audience. Stay relevant.


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